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AAA Bookkeeping & Tax Service provides a wide range of services to individuals and businesses in a variety of industries. At AAA Bookkeeping & Tax Service, we strive to meet each client's specific needs in planning for the future and achieving their goals in an ever-changing financial and regulatory environment. Our professional services include:

Accounting and Bookkeeping

Tracking your business income and figuring out the tax deductible expenses can be daunting tasks. AAA Bookkeeping & Tax Service can take on as much or as little of your accounting and bookkeeping duties as you wish. Our array of services includes recording deposits, checks, debit and credit card transactions; reconciling bank and credit card accounts; preparing payroll and sales tax returns; preparing financial statements; downloading QuickBooks and training you how to use it.

For commercial real estate investors, the property management function is extremely time consuming. We offer a package of accounting and bookkeeping functions that allows you to focus on keeping the property well-maintained and fully rented.

We will handle rent collection and deposits; cut checks to pay bills ready for the investor’s signature; and provide the owner with past due rent reports, monthly financial statements and periodic reports to lenders.

At year end, we will prepare the annual common area maintenance (CAM) reconciliation to determine if CAM, insurance and taxes have been over or under-funded by the tenants. Finally, we can prepare the tax-free Section 1031 exchange calculations when the property is sold and gain recognition is deferred.

Association Accounting

Many homeowner and condominium associations prefer to manage and oversee the maintenance activities which keep the community beautiful and sustain the property values. However, board positions are volunteer and the time and effort it takes to stay on top of maintenance fee collection may be more than the treasurer wants to take on.

We can help with the maintenance fee collection and tracking so the board can devote its time to the more pressing maintenance issues. In addition to the business accounting services described above, our association accounting services include receiving and depositing maintenance fees, issuance of late notices, interface with bank lock box operations and cutting checks to pay bills for board signature and mailing.

Tax Preparation

Tax time for many individuals and business owners is just plain scary. Getting your taxes done and finding out that you owe the IRS is worse than going to the dentist. Our staff has years of experience in tax preparation, and we are sensitive to the anxiety our clients feel waiting for their taxes to be completed. That is why we make every effort to complete the return quickly. We offer a wide array of tax preparation services, including individual, corporate, partnership, estate, trust and not-for-profit tax returns.

QuickBooks Software Set-up, Training and Consultation

To help the growing number of business owners who are “doing it themselves” and for new business start ups, we help set up QuickBooks files properly right from the start with a custom chart of accounts. We also provide basic training to make sure you are prepared to properly enter the transactions in the software correctly. For all business owners who maintain their own QuickBooks file, we are available for telephone consultation if a questions arise on how to properly record a transaction.

With our LOG ME IN service we can review and make adjustments to your QuickBooks file remotely while you observe on your own computer.


Most of our Bookkeeping and Sub-S clients have payroll as part of their accounting process. We set up and make available to our clients accurate payrolls delivered on time. Our objective is to advise our clients on the best payroll solution for them, based on their total bookkeeping needs. We then implement the solution that provides the client’s required level of services in a cost effective manner.

If your payroll needs include the physical delivery of checks to your office for distribution to employees, we have a long-standing relationship with a proven and dependable local payroll service. We receive copies of your information for use in processing any remaining bookkeeping services performed for you.

If your employees either are paid through direct deposit or on a payroll card and you are available and have capabilities to print check copies and payroll reports using your lin house printer, we can refer you to our Business Networking International (BNI) referral relationships or advise you on the services offered by our tax software providers, which include Intuit and Thomson Reuters.

Payroll services through MyPay Solutions include direct deposit; federal, state, and local tax filings; a private secure online portal for entering time (accessed through our website), printing checks and reports on your in office printer; an optional employee portal to view reports; a choice of any of 16 payroll reports; and year-end W2/W3 reporting. Should your choice of payroll provider be Thompson Reuter’s MyPay Solutions, we will pass-along to you any referral fees received by our Firm related to your account, resulting in additional savings to you.

Alliance Partner - CPA Secure Aging

As we age, we often find that bill paying and other routine financial management tasks become overwhelming. Through our Strategic Alliance with Reba Rogers, founder and owner of CPA Secure Aging, we will assist with arranging meetings with Reba. As a specialist in elder care administrative matters, Reba will offer solutions that take the drudgery out of bill paying and paperwork management for seniors while providing the security of knowing that a trusted CPA is overseeing their financial matters. Her services include regular home visits to pay bills, review mail, file medical claims, balance check books and the management of cash flow.

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